The Bond Task Force recommended the formation of a Bond Community Oversight Committee to monitor all aspects of bond-related projects, including how the funds are spent. The School Board agreed and created the Oversight Committee when they approved the initial bond request.

On September 24, 2018, ten members of the original Bond Task Force met to review applications from twelve Ferndale School District residents who applied to be on the Oversight Committee. After several hours of deliberation, they selected seven individuals based on applicants’ backgrounds and experience relevant to the implementation of the projects laid out in the bond request. Those same individuals will make up the Oversight Committee if voters approve the Feb. 12 Bond request.

Front Row: Riley Cornelsen, Sandi McMillan, Bo Smith, Anya Milton
Back Row: Mark Harting, Adam Rustad, Dan Cornelsen, Ryan Kimball (alternate)

Bond Community Oversight Committee Members and Their Areas of Expertise (click on the names to read their bios):

Dan Cornelsen – Construction Management
Riley Cornelsen – Construction Management
Mark Harting – Business Management and Finance
Sandi McMillan – Finance
Anya Milton – Management
• Adam Rustad – Business Management
Bo Smith – Construction Management

Community Oversight member Riley Cornelsen explains the importance of the Committee