February 5, 2020

Ferndale Friends and Neighbors –
We are coming to you to ask for your help. February 11th is the finish line – the day we turn out to support our Ferndale School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy.
Our letter is not meant to change hearts or minds. We are writing to you because we know that you care about the outcome of this election and we want to personally ask you to return your ballot.
A piece of our collective legacy in Ferndale rests in the special way that we have always taken care of each other. Our Ferndale kids deserve to have this legacy continued – they deserve the best that we can give them. Any less would put Ferndale kids at a disadvantage when compared to their peers in neighboring Whatcom County districts – all of whom have Levy requests on the ballot this February.
February 11th gives us a chance to make another investment in the next generation as we turn out to renew our School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy.  
This levy replacement will return levy related taxes to levels roughly equivalent to the 2017 tax year before the so called “Levy Swap” which produced first an artificially high tax year and then an artificially low year. The current levy request is a replacement of the current Levy which expires at the end of 2020.  Levies fund a multitude of Ferndale School District programs and services at all grade levels, including elementary school counselors, pre-K programs, technology, sports, performing arts, teachers aids, and teachers.  They make up the difference where the funding from the State of Washington continues to fall short. 
We are Ferndale. We live and work in this community. Our kids go to Ferndale schools. We bleed blue and gold. For our families, we are voting to support Ferndale Schools because our kids are worth it. 
Let’s continue Ferndale’s proud history of strong schools and strong communities. Don’t sit this one out – every vote matters.   
It’s a matter of pride. 
Vote Yes by February 11th.
Rob Fickeisen and Larry Brown
Co-Chairs, Support Ferndale Schools