Meet Bond Supporter Bud Larson

[June 27, 2018]   Hello, I am Bud Larson, a retired Ferndale teacher, homeowner, and proud parent of two Ferndale High School (FHS) graduates. In each of these three roles, I am asking for your support of the Ferndale School District Bond in November. As a teacher, I have taught in many different buildings and the physical space does make a difference in the ability to provide a top-notch learning environment. This new high school will create a campus that will best provide for our students, now and into the future. And it will provide a much higher level of security and safety for our students. As a homeowner, quality schools are an important draw to home buyers and can enhance the value of homes. This new school can also be a valuable asset to our community, as it can provide a space for community centered activities, classes, and workshops.

I believe we must put any past differences aside and focus on the needs of our students, now and into the future, by passing the Ferndale School District bond this November. Finally, all Ferndale students will come together at FHS to finish their journey in public education. It is critical that we provide the best possible environment for students to reach their full potential by passing the November Bond.