Ferndale School Board Votes to Send Bond Package to the Ballot

[May 15, 2018]   The Ferndale School Board will send a Bond package to Ferndale voters in November. The Board took action on recommendations from the Ferndale Community Bond Task Force during a regularly scheduled school board meeting on Tuesday, March 27. Ferndale voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Ferndale School Bond package in the November 2018 General Election.

Community Oversight Committee: to ensure that bond funds are spent according to what is detailed in the bond package, and that all projects are implemented as planned.
NEW Ferndale High School $105 Million
Modernize existing Performing Arts Center at Ferndale High School: $2 Million
Critical Needs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing): $4 Million
Safety & Security at all FSD buildings: $1 Million
Total Recommended: $112 Million

The School Board welcomed a presentation from members of the Bond Task Force regarding the final package of recommendations. Bond Task Force members Maralise Fegan and Connie Faria were on hand to present the final Task Force report and to answer questions on behalf of the full Task Force.

“First, I want to extend sincere thanks to the Ferndale Community Bond Task Force on behalf of the entire School Board,” said Ferndale School Board President Dr. Kevin Erickson. “I am excited to announce that the School Board has adopted the full suite of Task Force recommendations and we plan to refer the package to voters for consideration in November. The Task Force group brought us a very thoughtful, cost-efficient package with the added benefit of an Oversight Committee. The Board believes strongly in citizen oversight for Bond planning and spending. We are confident in the recommendations we received from the Task Force and look forward to discussing the proposal with voters in advance of the November election.”

Active since October 2017, the Ferndale Community Task Force group has logged hundreds of individual volunteer hours analyzing maintenance needs and condition reports on existing buildings. The result of that work is a package of recommendations that members believe will address current needs and plan for the future.

“I spent the last six months engaging with fellow community members regarding long-term facility planning needs in the Ferndale School District,” said Task Force Member Joe Lupo. “I am very confident that the package we brought to the School Board ensures fiscal responsibility with consideration for growth in the District for generations to come. I want to say thank you to the School Board for taking our recommendations and moving them forward for a vote in November.”